Why Bamboo Sleepers and Clothing?

Bamboo Clothing? Yes! The first time I ever felt Bamboo I was in love – this fabric is silky smooth to the touch.  As a mom of two who had lived through a good share of itchy clothing, I knew this was a game changer especially for our second who had awful eczema. 

My hunch was right – after doing some research I learned that in fact this Bamboo fabric was breathable, durable and helps to regulate babies body temperature while sleeping, keeping those eczema breakouts to a minimum.  So, I set out on a journey to make Bamboo baby clothing more accessible in Canada.

While Bamboo clothing and sleepers may seem pricy – let’s face it those babies grow fast – the durability and stretch in them means they last well past the number on the tag.  Seriously, my 3-year-old has been wearing his 18–24-month sleeper since he was 18 months, and it has plenty of room left. 

Top Reasons to consider Bamboo Sleepers and Clothing:


  • You really cannot find anything softer.
  • If your baby has eczema or sensitive skin Bamboo is the way to go. Even for older kids!

It grows with your child:

  • There’s just something special about it. This fabric rows with your baby without looking, feeling or seeming too tight.  One Bamboo sleeper can easily replace 4 or 5 cotton sleepers.

Cutest prints:

  • Since Bamboo clothing is not typically sold by large retailers the small shops really put a lot of effort into the design and print.
  • I’ve yet to come by a Bamboo romper that was not ‘limited’ to a small batch print.
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